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Communities coming together

In the heart of Oakengates Town centre in Theatre Square is The Wakes; a community venue opened in June 2017 by Mayor Stephen Reynolds.

Named after ‘The Wakes Week’ this community centre is a fitting tribute to a historic annual celebration dating back to the 1800’s. With the support and backing of Oakengates Town Council, The Wakes was created to provide services and events for local residents and houses the Town Council.

The Wakes hosts events and activities for all ages, these modern facilities hosts both public and private events at competitive prices. Take a look at our list of upcoming events, or why not book one of our rooms for a party or meeting. Get in touch with us, and we will help you any way we can.

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The Outpost Cafe & Bar

Breakfast, Lunch, Drinks & Shakes at The Wakes.

Children's Centre at The Wakes

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The Place Theatre

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Oakengates Carnival

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